Montour County Church Files at MCGS

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Chillisquaque Presbyterian (Liberty Twp.) Indexed History of the Chillisquaque Church by Rev. Wm. Gardner Finney (covers 1769-1923). Microfilm of church records 1840-1859.
Christ Episcopal Church, Danville 1839 to 1937 available now. Complete index.
Derry Presbyterian, Anthony Twp. Session minutes 1844-1888 on microfilm.
Emmanuel Church, Danville Members, Marriages, Baptisms, Deaths 1953-1969. (Merged with St. Paul's Methodist)
First Baptist Church, Danville Chronological Register (indexed list of Baptisms, Marriages, Funerals dating from 1853).
Grove Presbyterian Church, Danville Communicants 1855-1965, Marriages 1869-1962, Baptisms 1866-1925, Deaths 1925-1958 Index complete.
Hendrickson United Methodist (Valley Twp.) Baptisms 1925-1999, Marriages 1957-2000, Deaths 1974-2000, Booklet 125 Years of Service Oct. 1, 1995, History of Hendrickson Church by Frank Hendrickson
Long's Methodist Episcopal (West Hemlock Twp.) Copy of deed from Trustees of Long's Methodist Episcopal Church to Hemlock Community Center
Mahoning Presbyterian, Ferry St., Danville All available records have been copied (1844-1925) and are now available and indexed. Microfilm 1824-1903 available. Booklet: Mahoning Presbyterian Centennial 1785-1885.
Mooresburg Methodist (Liberty Twp.) Marriages 1961-2000 Baptisms 1886-1964
Mooresburg Presbyterian, (Liberty Twp.) Church Records, 1834-1943 on Microfilm.
Pine Street Lutheran, Danville Church Members 1909-1954 (Includes admission & removal, including death), Membership 1844, Baptisms 1839-1862, 1888-1893, Communicants 1845-1857, Marriages 1850-1862, 1888-1893, Funerals 1850-1893, History. (Now indexed). Microfilm 1862-1898.
Shiloh Reformed (Danville) Communicants 1869-1890, Baptisms 1861-1884, Church Members, Marriages 1862-1884, Deaths 1863-1884. Indexed.
St. James Catholic, Exchange (Anthony Twp.) History Booklet 1855-1944 (Includes Pastors, Dennen & Brannon Families)
St. James Evangelical Lutheran (now Ridgeville U.C.C.) Cooper Twp. Communicants 1805-1831, Baptisms 1803-1859, Some confirmations, marriages, deaths. Indexed 1854.
St. John's German Lutheran, Danville (2 copies) History, Marriages, Deaths, Baptisms 1857-1926
St. John's (Vought's) Lutheran (Mayberry Twp.) 125th Anniversary Booklet 1858-1983
St. Paul (Straub's) Evangelical Lutheran (Valley Twp.) Communicants 1850-1894, Baptisms 1851-1875, Funerals 1850-1855. Indexed.
St. Paul's (E.U.B.) Methodist, Danville Marriages 1869-1961, Baptisms 1884-1961, Class records, Members.
St. Peter's U.M.C., Riverside, Northumberland Co. Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths. Indexed.
Strawberry Ridge Zion Lutheran/Trinity Reformed, Derry Twp. Zion's Church: Baptisms, Marriages & Deaths 1861-1905; Trinity Reformed: Baptisms, Marriages & Deaths 1907-1971. Indexed.
Trinity Lutheran, Danville Baptisms, Marriages, Communicants, Funerals. Now indexed (July 2008). Indexed.
Trinity Oak Grove Lutheran, Liberty Twp. Parish Records 1871-1931. Now indexed.
Trinity United Methodist, Danville (Formerly Trinity Methodist Episcopal) Trinity's Hundred Years 1869-1969 (Booklet), Baptisms 1870-1931, Marriages 1870-1931, Funerals 1917-1931
Washingtonville Lutheran, Derry Twp. Parish Records (Baptisms, Marriages, Funerals, Communicants) 1851-1930

Additional Church Records of nearby counties available on microfilm:
First Presbyterian, Bloomsburg,1858-1918
St. Paul's Lutheran & Reformed, Bloomsburg, 1807-1844
St. Matthew's Lutheran, Bloomsburg, 1872-1928
First Lutheran, Mifflinburg, 1856-1921
Elysburg Presbyterian, 1851-1928
Methodist Episcopal, Northumberland, from 1854 W.P.A. Project
Trinity Reformed, Turbotville, 1854-1951
Himmel's Lutheran & Reformed Church & Cemetery, Washington Twp., Northumberland Co.
Paradise Reformed, Turbot Twp., Northumberland County, 1893-1951

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