Montour County Photo Album

Welcome to our Photo page, an idea suggested by one of our visitors. We'll try to feature a variety of photos contributed by Montour County researchers, changing them from time to time. Perhaps visitors can help with identification of those frustrating unlabeled photos that we all seem to have. If you'd like to contribute a photo, please contact the webmaster prior to sending any files. Due to the increasing size of these files, I've separated them into several pages. Click on the surname to view the associated photos. Be patient; some of them take a while to open.

Family Photos

Bennett    Wood    Hughes    Shoemaker    Savery    Morris

Historic Danville

Here you'll find a rotating collection of historic Danville photos from the wonderful picture postcard collection of Pete Hubicki. Thanks, Pete, for sharing them with all of us! Also, some other photos of interest.

The Canal & Bloom Street    The Susquehanna River Bridge
Iron Industry    Iron Heritage Festival 2004:    (Re-creating Montour County History)

Early Danville Photographers

Some of the early Danville photographers are listed below. This list is not comprehensive and information will be added as it is obtained.

D. McEwen | Daguerrotypes. Opened July 25, 1848 in the Prothonotary's Office in the Courthouse.
S.P. Huey | Fairview - Daguerrrian Gallery. Opened June 1, 1849 at the corner of Pine and Mill Streets, opposite the Intelligencer office.
J.P. Leisenring, Photographer | Opened January 10, 1851 in Huey's old room a few doors from the canal on Mill Street.
J. B. Cox, Photographer | Opened April 13, 1855 in the Montgomery Building.
Mr. Tubbs, Photographer | Opened about May 25, 1855 on the third floor of the new VanAlen Building.
D.C. Neagley | Bought out Tubbs on August 3, 1855.
J.B. Moore | Opened May 2, 1856 on North Mill Street, one door North of Captain Baldy's store. He employed Neagley.
E.L. Mowry | Bought out J.B. Moore September 18, 1857.

Source: "Commercial Index to Danville, PA Businesses 1828-1855, Danville Intelligencer" by Randy Hackenburg.