Wood Family

Can anyone identify these people? If so, please contact Sandy Cooper or Alternate e-mail address. They are from the WOOD Family Album and should be either Woods or relatives. John & Rosanna Wood were born in Somersetshire, England, and lived in Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio as well as Montour County. John died on October 14, 1856 and Rosanna died October 4, 1873. They are buried in Christ Episcopal Cemetery, Danville, Montour County, PA. The photographers identified for some are as follows:

1. T.M. McMahan, 100 Mill Street, Danville.
2. A.M. Allen, Center & Market St., Pottsville, PA
6. J.P. Leisenring, Danville, PA
7. J.P. Leisenring, Danville, PA



Here are two photos which have been identified: John Edward Wood and Emmanuel Wood:

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